Sunday, January 17, 2010

Video Stills Explained

Ballet One and Two- I sew a ballet costume, put it on, and dance on a stage: I am a ballerina.

The Swim Video- I am a Hollywood swimming actress.
Dream, Dream, Dream- I sing "Dream, Dream, Dream" by the Everly Brothers, with a dreamy male counterpart.
Miss Emily- I participate in a beauty pageant. I win, of course! (I'm the only contestant.)
The Twiggy Cake- I bake a cake, decorate it with the face of "Twiggy" the model, and then consume the entire cake.


  1. Hello Emily, this is Heather Kinion from back in high school. The internets found you for me, and I think that these live action videos sound INCREDIBLE! I would love to see them that is sooo awesome!

  2. you are entering these films, especially the twiggy cake, into art shows, i hope.